September 27, 2002

Ultrasound Pictures

Posted by Scott at 11:20 AM

Thanks to Russell I have two pictures from Michelle's recent ultrasound appointment. Here's the first, here's the second. Warning to dialup users: they're each about 180Kbytes. It may take about half a minute for each to load.

Thanks to the aftermath of the recent tropical storm, we've been getting soaked with a lot of rain. It's good for our watertables, lawns, etc. but soon I think it'll drive Michelle crazy because it keeps the kids indoors.

I did a quick bit of editting of yet another livejournal template so that I could easily sync my webpage and the livejournal of a few friends to a Palm Pilot via the AvantGo service. It's pretty neat to hold a blog in your handheld. It let's you keep up to date on friends without sitting at a computer — like when you're sitting in a waiting room at the car repair, a boring meeting, etc. An example of as rendered through the “make it simple for a Palm Pilot” filter can be seen here. It reminds me of the way most web pages looked about 10 years ago. (grin) Trust me. It may look uber-vanilla, but it's perfect for reading on a small handheld where all the graphics are meaningless anyway.