September 27, 2002

Claire's tooth is out

Posted by Scott at 09:50 PM

Yes, today it finally happened. Claire lost her first tooth! We were worried the week before Chris and Katie's wedding that her tooth would fall out. Here it is over a month since that occasion and it finally is out. The tooth fairy was starting to lose hope!

It's near the end of another fiscal quarter. Work always gets a bit crazy the last week of the quarter. For 10 weeks it's just work as usual, do what you can, keep the pipeline moving... Then in the last two weeks it's urgent to get all the business closed to recognize the revenue for the quarter. Big pushes in engineering, lots of conference calls with the customers, etc. It's almost behind us.

Tonight some of my friends from work, Russell and Will, came by to have dinner and play with the kids. Michelle made crockpot chili, some pizza, and we had spice cake and ice cream for dessert. It's hard to get the girls to go to bed when they have fun visitors to play with. Hopefully the kids didn't wear Russell and Will out. Russell was the key player in helping Claire get her tooth out. She trusted him enough to let him give it a quick tug. I forgot how small baby teeth are when they come out!

The after effects of the recent tropical storm have made New Hampshire seem like Oregon — gray, drizzle, etc. It's not that we didn't need the rain. It would be nice if the Souhegan River which runs adjacent to our development would start flowing more than a trickle. Nonetheless, if it doesn't clear up soon, I won't get a chance to cut the lawn back down to size.

I'm saddened to report that the Nashua theater, the American Stage Festival, closed its doors at the begining of September. Their kids troop, the Peacock Players, is still active. Next month I'll take my daughters to see them perform Winnie the Pooh.

Last night Michelle and I watched the movie comedy Shallow Hal. It's kind of a backhanded compliment but I'd say it was better than I expected. It's concept was good but the execution could have used some work.