March 01, 2003

Dan Rather and Saddam

Posted by Scott at 07:36 AM

One of my favorite weblog authors comments on the recent interview of Saddam by Dan Rather:

What made Rather’s trip such a waste was the water-kneed obsequiousness of it all. He was more interested in three full hours of bland conversation than 20 minutes of sharp discussion that ended with Saddam leaving the room. What was there to fear? Anyone think Saddam would have him shot? Stand up in the middle of the interview, put a round through Rather’s skull and yell at his dead body for five minutes? Since the Iraqis controlled the production facilities, CBS apparently feared they wouldn’t get the tape if Rather didn’t gargle with Meek Juice before each question. Fine. As long as you realize that Rather would have been tougher on the Pope. He would have looked at that old man, his ancient head turtling up from his robes, and asked him to explain the policy against ordaining women. The tone of Rather’s voice - respectful but pointed - would have been aimed at the people watching back home. I’m not letting the Pope get one past us, friends. Not so with the Saddam interview. The deference was pathetic, the questions toothless, the answers predictable.
Mom and dad got back home last night. Their trip safe and smooth.

Michelle took all five kids out in the van for the first time yesterday. It took three different arrangements of the seats and seating arrangement to come up with something workable. In the end we decided to put the twins and Abby in the back row and Claire and Timothy in the middle two seats.

Adelphia was down most of last night. It was a pretty significant outage. I suspect something out there (a virus, a worm, a script kiddie) was trying to flood the network because my modem lights were saturated with activity -- completely pegged -- like a Denial Of Service attack. Later the modem lights were repeatedly flickering in a boot pattern sequence as if to say "Helloooo, anybody out there?" "Bueller..... Bueller...."