March 02, 2003

Photo Album

Posted by Scott at 01:12 PM

Click to see the albumIt's a rainy day so far. Hopefully it doesn't drop below freezing and become a "wintery mix" -- i.e. sloppy. Since I was stuck indoors and the kids were playing well, I extracted the pictures from our camera and made a quick album. Most pictures are of Timothy since that's what I get the most requests for, but everyone is represented.

Yesterday I packed up the older four kids into the van and took them to the YMCA. When I got to the KidStop, they told me that there was not going to be a step class because the studio's floor was being resurfaced. It a raised wooden floor. I was tempted to just take them home, but a) we just spent a half an hour driving to the Y and b) the kids looked like they were having fun. I went downstairs to run on a treadmill. It seemed like such a waste since we have a new aerobic elliptical machine at home. In fact Michelle used it for the first time yesterday while I was out with the kids. I had no headphones since I thought I was taking a step class. I was so incredibly bored. If I'm ever going to use the home exercise machine, I'm going to have to find something to do. Is that the weakest excuse you've ever heard to buy an iPod? *grin*

Following up on our dinner at Milford's Pasta Loft on Wednesday evening, we ordered some pizza from their adjacent Brick House Pizza. It was some of the best pizza we've had since moving to New Hampshire eight years ago. Great flavor, not too greasy, nice crust. Why does it always seem that Michelle and I make great finds right after family returns home?

After the kids went to bed Michelle and I watched the PBS American Experience documentary on The Pill. There are lots of things we could say about it but I'll save it for another entry.