March 10, 2003

More like winter break

Posted by Scott at 11:56 PM

So far "spring break" has been nice. Saturday when I came home, I got settled in and then I went to Alyssa's house. Later on I went to my friend Sara's house. Amber and her had a dinner party with lasagna, salad, taffy apple salad, garlic bread, etc. It was excellent and it was great visiting with all of my old friends from college who I don't see anymore. It was like old times when we were together. I was so happy to see we all still had so much in common to talk and laugh about.

Yesterday I spent all day at the mall with Rocky. It has been a long time since her and I have spent that much time together as well! We are planing a trip to Savannah, Georgia in May. I have been wanting to see Georgia for about the last four years so I am so incredibly excited about going. We are thinking it will only be for about four or five days because that is how much the both of us can afford. It sounds so strange, but it really means a lot to me to go out there. Maybe I will visit some college's while I'm there.

Today I ran a lot of errands. I picked up Alyssa, Andy, and William to come over for lunch. We went to Wonder Bread and then back to our house. Later I went to the Library and got the book "The Road Less Traveled". Then I picked up T.J. and Cassidy and Cass came back with me to hang out. I ended the night by going to Hooters to apply for a job. Just kidding. My friends were there but most importantly Laurna's new boyfriend was there and I hadn't met him yet. He seems like a really cool guy. I am very happy for her!
Seth is at home and I miss him. The day before we left he won tickets for a concert. He was calling in to the local radio station in normal to vote for a battle of the bands type thing. When he called he ended up being caller number 96 and won tickets to see Zwan and Queens of the Stone Age, two of our favorite bands. And yes, I get one of those tickets.

Congrats to Katie on becoming a Godmother!! Give Timothy a kiss for me when you get to see him!! I am so jelous!
Enough blabing from me, talk to you later.


Glad you're enjoying your school break. It sounds like you should have a nice time visiting Georgia this spring. After all the stories from mom and dad about Savannah, even I want to see it.

I was sitting at the breakfast table when I read that line about applying at Hooters. I about had a heart attack! Thanks for putting the 'just kidding' right afterward.

Enjoy your new book. Being over 25 years since M. Scott Peck wrote it, it looks like a classic.

Got to go for now. Timothy is crying....

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