March 11, 2003


Posted by Scott at 09:07 AM

NPR is doing a series entitled "Homework: Too Much, or Not Enough?". I know that through high school and into college and grad school, it seemed like I always was buried in homework. There was that and the exams that I was preparing for. Even though it's been almost ten years since I finished grad school, to this day I still have dreams about school and some fabricated crisis -- some test I didn't prepare for, forgetting my gym clothes, forgetting my locker combination, losing my schedule on the first day of the quarter, etc. That part of my life still hasn't moved out of my memory. I always wake up so relieved. "Yes, I finished high school, college, graduate school... Whew!" It's almost sad to know that all these anxieties will soon be Claire's (and later Abby's, Michael's, Daniel's, Timothy's...).

Claire has no school today due to a teacher training day. This was particularly a little more difficult for Michelle today because Timothy has a doctor's appointment today. It's another consultation related to monitoring his ear. I'll post an update when I know how the appointment went.

Today is a voting day in Milford. As the Telegraph summarizes it:

Today, town residents throughout the state go to the polls to elect selectmen, school board members and other local officials. In towns and school districts that operate under a state ballot law known as SB2, residents will also vote on budgets and warrant articles. SB2 towns and school districts include Amherst, Hudson, Litchfield, Mascenic, Milford and Souhegan.
Meanwhile on the global front, new information coming in from the inspectors showing new weapon development in Iraq:

International weapons inspectors have stumbled upon a new kind of bomb in Iraq that could be filled with chemical or biological agents and strewn over populated areas, Fox News has confirmed. Baghdad also may have in its possession a drone aircraft capable of spraying harmful agents over its enemies. [...] "It's incredible," a senior diplomat from a swing-vote Security Council nation told the London Times. "The report is going to have a clearly defined impact on the people who are wavering. It's a biggie."

As a continuing part of weblog software hacking, I've put in a new section on the sidebar that auto generates excerpts of the most recently posted comments. Sometimes when someone would post a comment I wouldn't notice for a day or so, particularly if the comment was attached to an old posting. I don't want to miss those comments, especially from Chris. ;-)