March 12, 2003

Timothy's Appointment

Posted by Scott at 05:56 AM

I asked Michelle how things went at the doctor yesterday. She thought it was pretty much a waste of time. Claire was home yesterday and so Michelle had to bring all four of the older kids over to Miss Kathy's house before heading to the doctor's office. The eyes, ears, nose, throat specialist saw Timothy for about five minutes and did the same type of visual evaluation that she did last month in the hospital. No measurements, no tests. About the only thing new we found out is that it may be many months before Timothy gets the MRI that would proceed him getting the cosmetic surgery to open up his ear. Other than that everything looks good: the passages are clear and as the last appointment showed, he can hear fine in that ear.

On the brighter side considering all five kids were home yesterday, Mr. Russell came over in the afternoon to play with the kids.

Here's a Nashua Telegraph summary of how Milford's voting went yesterday. Most everything went as the Budget Advisory Committee had recommended except the move to fund a new police station was shot down.

Timothy's Baptism is planned for April 6th. Infant Jesus has regularly scheduled Baptisms once a month. We may try to request a separate ceremony a week later if the date causes too much conflict for Chris and Katie since the 6th is so close to when they move into their new house. Chris and Katie, give us some feedback on how things are looking. If things seem too crowded here you could also stay at some nearby Bed & Breakfasts like The Fountain House or Stepping Stones in adjacent Wilton, NH or Zahn's Alpine Guest House in Milford. Any one of those might be a bit more romantic for newly weds, certainly more so than staying in a house with five small children.

How can I combine Catholic news with new on Iraq all in one story? How about recent articles coming out about peace activitists requesting the Pope act as the ultimate human shield. To borrow a word from the 2000 Presidential campaigns, it would certainly add gravitas to the push for peace.


Katie & I are all set to be there. We have made reservations to stay in Nashua. We are making plans to come back when we have more time, during the summer and stay at one of the B&B. Thanks, talk to you soon.

Posted by: Chris at March 12, 2003 07:33 AM

That's great! The girls will be SO excited when I tell them!

Since it's a short visit, don't bother reserving a rental car, if you haven't already. Just use our Accord while you're here that weekend. I can get you to and from the airport.

Thanks for the quick response. Give us a call tonight after 7:30PM EST and we can go over the details.

Take care and talk to you later.

Posted by: Scott at March 12, 2003 08:03 AM