March 12, 2003

The ELPH's newest addition - S400

Posted by Scott at 09:06 PM

Most of the pictures on this web site were taken with our very handy and portable Canon Digital ELPH, the S100. Right after we bought ours (about a month after the twins were born) , Canon came out with a slightly updated model with more optical zoom and the ability to take short videos. Next month the US is scheduled to get the new Canon S400. Who-hoo! 4 megapixel goodness in that classic tiny ELPH package. If you are at all considering a convenient and easy to use digicam, I give the Digital ELPH many thumbs up. Consider the S400. It's not a 'every feature under the sun' kind of camera, but does more than most consumers need. It's unlikely you'll find another camera with that kind of resolution and simplicity in such a small package.