June 06, 2003

New Waterman Baby

Posted by Scott at 04:57 PM

Click to see the album...My college friend and USAF officer, Major Kervin Waterman, and his wife, Janel had their third baby, Madeline Jo, last month. Gina, perhaps Jim remembers Kervin since they graduated the same year from Rose-Hulman. Madeline joins siblings CJ and Emma. Click on the thumbnail at the left to see more pictures.

Claire had a nice time this past week. Her school had a "field day" and her class also had a field trip to the New England Aquarium. I took Claire and Abigail out for dessert tonight at Blake's Ice Cream Restaurant.

This week Michelle got a few more step aerobic music CDs from DynaMix. She ordered this one and this one. She's teaching step classes this Saturday morning and Monday morning.

Once the raining streak finally came to an end, we've had some nice stretches of weather since Monday. About the only thing we're looking into is possible getting a "Mosquito Magnet". I've heard from a couple of sources that they work well -- at least for the kind of pests we have up here in the Northeast. With the brook we have on one side of our property and the "wetlands" (read "swamp") on the other, the kids have been really getting eaten when they don't wear repellant. If we're going to pay a mortgage on a nice yard, we'd like to be able to enjoy it.

Suzy is taking a little vacation in Savannah, GA. Hopefully she'll write about it when she gets back. I miss her postings.

I've been considering what game to pick up next for the kids and I. Alyssa mentioned that her kids are into a Looney Tunes game, but I think that perhaps that was a GameBoy Color version of Looney Tunes. I was looking into Mario Kart: Super Circuit. Most reviews spoke well of it and it supports the link cable so that 2 to 4 players can play at once. It sounds like it could be fun. Since the Tarpeys also have some GameBoy's, it would be nice to find one the kids could play together when Claire gets there in a few more weeks.