June 07, 2003

Rainy Saturday

Posted by Scott at 10:42 PM

It's funny how earlier in the week they were talking about what a nice weekend it looked like we were going to have. Now that it's Saturday, it's been gray and rainy all day! Bleah!

We took the kids to the YMCA today. Michelle taught a great step class and she got to use her new music. On the way back we got the kids some food from Wendy's. Claire wanted to watch the rest of the Trouble with Angels -- described as a "habit forming" comedy. *smirk* Claire was surprised at the ending but having had a second chance to see the movie, I now understood some of the deeper themes that I overlooked the first time I saw it.

I had to lector tonight and took Claire with me. Michelle will take Abigail to Mass tomorrow morning. Michelle wanted me to stop by Taco Bell on the way back home. Did I ever mention that we don't have a Taco Bell in Milford? Their used to be one but it went under. We do have just about every other fast food chain (not to mention three Dunkin' Donuts) but no Taco Bell -- Michelle's favorite fast junk food.

Click to read more about this game...After Taco Bell we also quickly stopped by K B Toys. I picked up two more of Nintendo's wireless GameCube controllers. It allowed all four of us (me, Michelle, Claire, and Abby) to play Mario Party together once the boys went down. It was a lot of fun to have everyone involved this time. It helped make the girls forget about not going to the drive-in tonight to see Finding Nemo. While we were at K B Toys I also picked up the game Mario Kart : Super Circuit for the GameBoys. I've only played it for about 5 minutes tonight but it looks like it should live up to the praise it got in reviews. I think it may be the first game where we really use the GameBoy link cable to let multiple GameBoy's link up to play the game together. It should be fun!