June 11, 2003

Timothy's Appointment

Posted by Scott at 01:24 PM

Happy Birthday to mom. Best wishes to Alyssa whose kids are now all out of school for the summer.

Timothy had a regular baby checkup today. (Boy! Kids have a lot of exams their first year, don't they?!) He's a little over four months old now and is 18 pounds and 11 ounces. He's 27 inches long. Overall he's at about the 95th percentile. "Chunk up the volume!" I can't imagine what he'd be if Michelle nursed him more than once during the night. He had five shots today so Michelle is giving him regular doses of baby ibuprofen.

Claire lost another tooth this week, her fifth so far. She wonders why her friends get more money per tooth than she does. Perhaps the tooth fairly only gives out a fixed amount per house rather than per person?

Click to go to the James Bond siteA few nights back I rented the James Bond film Die Another Day. It was the usual blend of gadgets, action, suspense and women. I like it when the Bond women are not damsels in distress and Halle Berry kicks some butt in this one. It's not that James doesn't help her out of a jam, but she holds her own pretty well.

Click to read more about this DVD...For the little ones we also rented the Blues Clues DVD Get to Know Joe. It's a collection of Blue Clues episodes where Nickelodeon transitioned hosts from Steve to his younger (and much taller) brother, Joe. Supposedly Steve's character had to go off to college -- hardly believable if you've seen how easy it is to stump Steve. Michelle and I both got a kick out of one episode entitled "Joe Gets a Clue".

Click to read more about the eventSupposedly this weekend there is a High Hopes Foundation balloon festival in Milford. I'm not sure if we'll go or if we'll just see a bunch flying over our house. Either way it sounds like it could be fun.

This week we got pictures of the Tarpeys, including the newest addition -- Kyle James Tarpey, in the mail. Thanks for sending them. He's a "doorbell".


So far it's been okay with the kids home- Andy and Will just fight all the time though! TJ and Cassidy are very helpful, although they complain about being "bored." Funny,oBack Inn for Mom's birthday. TJ babysat- he's saving $ for a computer game called Command & Conquer- Red Alert 2.
Kyle had his 1 month check up last week and was 23 inches and 9 lbs 8 ounces. Will also had a check up- he was 44 lbs and 42 inches tall- he's a big guy! My doctor doesn't have a percentile chart, so I don't know if they are "normal!"
Cass had a baseball game tonite- actually she has a softball game too, but she can only do one. Baseball will be over next Saturday. Softball goes thru July, so Claire will be stuck going to at least 1 game!
Kyle is crying- gotta go!

Posted by: alyssa at June 12, 2003 11:44 AM