June 12, 2003

A Georgia Peach

Posted by Scott at 01:20 PM

Once again, it has been some time since I have written. So much has gone on. Recently I came home from a vacation with Rocky in Savannah, GA. We had a blast! We got to meet a lot of new people, but unfortunately only got to do minimal sight-seeing. It rained most of our time there, however, there were some breaks of sunlight when we could go lay out by the pool or go shopping. We did face some other obstacles. Our hotel was located across from the projects. We were only a mile out of downtown, but I guess it was a mile in the wrong direction. That is something I wish I could have checked on expedia.com when I was searching for a hotel. Check rates, check dates, check how far the ghetto is. They need to add that as an option. Either way, we made it home safely and had a great time.

As for today, Mrs. Tarpey is taking me shopping for some apartment stuff. This is really going to help me out since I have a tight budget and there is lots of stuff I still need. Mom got me a few things yesterday. I have a brand new spatula, and pots and pans. How exciting! I still need some towels, bathroom supplies, and a garbage can. Maybe today, cross your fingers!!

Seth just came in town last night. I really missed him. He gets to spend a lot of time helping me pack for Saturday. I'm sure he's thrilled.

In other good news, I think I may finally have a job down at school. The same agency I have my assistantship for in the Fall said they may be able to hire me early. I'll find out next week for sure. Nothing much else is new. I'm just getting nervous about leaving for another two years. Hopefully, I will have weekends off so I can visit a lot! I need to see my New Hampshire family as much as I can while they are here!


Across from the projects?! Ouch! "The devil is in the details" as Ross Perot used to say.

Your story about hunting for apartment stuff reminded me of when Michelle and I first moved into an apartment after getting married. I remembered buying a vacuum and thinking "never have I spent so much on something so boring". I had no idea how much more I had in store. Thinking of just this past year: washer and dryer, sprinkler system, a front gutter, getting the driveway sealed, etc. Heck, this upcoming week I'll likely be buying a "Mosquito Magnet" for the yard. Yawn! It almost makes me long for the time when my most boring purchases were tuition, room, and board.

Best of luck with finding some work near school. Glad you had a nice time in Savannah. Looking forward to seeing you next month (hopefully).

Posted by: Scott at June 12, 2003 02:05 PM