June 13, 2003

Movie Night

Posted by Scott at 10:23 PM

This weekend it looks like it's going to be rain... again! I shouldn't complain too much because Sunday looks like it may be nice. I feel bad for the folks at the High Hopes foundation trying to raise money this weekend with the Balloon Festival.

Click to go to the movie site...Since it looked like going to the Milford drive-in was going to be a wash - again - I took Claire and Abigail to see Finding Nemo at the theater in Merrimack. It was getting such a turnout that they opened up another theater to show it to respond to the demand.

Click to a bigger picture of Crush...We all liked the movie, although Abigail, my "I don't need a nap" girl, was complaining about being tired toward the end. The animation at Pixar Studios just keeps getting more and more mind boggling. My favorite character was Crush the seaturtle. "Dude!" Click on Crush to see a bigger picture. He's just a laid back father turtle swimming the east Australia current with all his little ones. "Wicked!"

Before I go I wanted to give my impression Abigail and her best friend, Madison:
Abby: It's mine.
Madison: No, it's mine!
Abby: It's mine.
Madison: No, it's mine!
Abby: Fine! I'm not playing anymore! Hmmph!
Madison: Fine!
Michelle: OK, girls... it's time for Madison to go home now...
Madison: I'll miss you, Abby!
Abby: I love you, Madison! Bye!
They bicker like nobody's business but every night Abby closes her prayers with "and thank you that I got to play with Madison..." Funny relationship those two have. The twins bicker and fight less than they do.