June 16, 2003

Happy Papa's Day

Posted by Scott at 06:01 AM

Very gray Saturday - Saturday was overcast all day. It always looked like it could rain at any moment. We went to the YMCA that morning. After afternoon naps we had some friends over for pizza. Other than that the day was as noteworthy as the weather.

Gorgeous Father's Day - After a rainy Friday and a very overcast Saturday, Mother Nature rewarded us with beautiful weather on Father's Day. We went to Mass and stayed for breakfast afterwards. When we got home I mowed the lawn while Michelle played with the kids. After the boys went down for naps Claire and Michelle tried to clean the pollen buildup off of the front porch. It's that time of year again when everything gets a bright yellow dusty coating. When the boys woke up Claire and Abby went to play at a friend's house while Michelle and I took the boys on a walk. Michelle then made an early dinner of hamburgers on grill so that we would have time afterwards to go to an ice cream stand in Amherst for dessert.

Grandpa Bilik's surgery - Please pray for my Grandpa Bilik (my dad's dad) as he is undergoing angioplasty surgery today. He is in his 90's so any surgery is more risky.

End of school year approaching - This Thursday is Claire's last day of school. The countdown begins. Claire must be enjoying school because she doesn't seem to be doing the usual "only three more days of school" that you usually see. It might be different if her summer travels were going to start immediately after school lets out.

Kyle's Baptism this weekend - This Sunday is Kyle Tarpey's Baptism. Alyssa, I hope the weather cooperates for all the family you'll have over. We wish were could see it. We look forward to seeing the pictures next month.