June 19, 2003

It's alive!

Posted by Scott at 10:42 PM

BilikFamily.com moves - Early this week Adelphia PowerLink, my "always on internet solution", decided to block incoming webpage requests. In techno speak they programmed their switches to block incoming traffic on TCP/IP port 80. Thus all the fun I had hosting BilikFamily.com from a humble iMac in our study came to an end. The computer was inaccessible to external requests from the outside world. So I broke down and decided I would pay for a "real" webhost. If you are reading this, your service provider has automatically recognized the change.

Implications - The good news is now we can put the iMac to sleep when we're not using it -- it doesn't have to run 24/7. The downside is over the next few evenings I have to put back all the fun stuff I added: birthday countdown, comment tracker, local weather forecasts, links to archives of photo albums, etc.

Mosquito Magnet arrives - After several weeks of waiting, this morning our local stores got a new shipment of Mosquito Magnets. We picked up their "Liberty" model. When I first heard of them I was rather skeptical but I've heard several first person accounts that attest to their claims. I must admit I feel a bit like an SUV driver. I'm slowly burning propane for the sole purpose of attracting mosquitos, black flies, and other similar pests in order to trap them and stop them from breeding. I'm not using the propane for heating, cooking or drying. No, it just makes CO2.

Claire out of school - Today was the final day of school for Milford Elementary and many other surrounding schools. Michelle says that this weekend she fully intends on buying a family pass to Milford's Keyes pool. She went there a lot last summer and it helped give the kids the activity they needed.

Gameboy Player coming - Supposedly on June 23rd (Happy Birthday, Dad!) Nintendo is supposed to have the long awaited Gameboy Player available in retail stores. This expansion module was the primary reason for us to buy a GameCube last month -- besides all the rain. It lets you play GameBoy games on your GameCube. Translation: you can play those little handheld games on "the big screen".