June 22, 2003

Pool re-opening Monday

Posted by Scott at 04:56 PM

Summer Pool Passes - I was at town hall on Friday morning registering the cars for another year. I had noted that no notice came in the mail. "Oh," the clerk said, "we're not doing mail in registrations this year." That would have been good to know. It's things like this that have convinced me to subscribe to the Milford Cabinet. While I was there I overheard that you could purchase pool passes downstairs so I thought I would save Michelle some trouble since I was already there with checkbook in hand.

Pool upgrades - The Telegraph had a detailed writeup on the developments on Keyes Field and it's pool. The pool had a quarter million dollars worth of upgrades! Whoa! It turns out that the rain we've been having has been impacting the pool work too.

You can’t paint in the rain. The cement won’t dry. It has even held up the electricians. Last week we were running around, trying to work in the dark.

The pool had another upgrade due to voter "ick!" factor:

...an undersized filter system installed in 1994 has been replaced. This will make the pool water cleaner because it will be completely cleaned four times every day, and the kiddie pool is now on its own filtration system. ... Town Meeting reacted with dismay when voters realized the main pool was sharing its water with diaper-clad youngsters in the wading area..

Triple Stroller - I blew off going to work out at lunch on Friday when some co-workers decided to head out to a new Thai restaurant on Amherst St. Since it was nice weather and the restaurant was only a few blocks down the street, we decided to just walk there. It was a good thing because we walked by the Children's Orchard on Amherst Street. They had a few strollers for sale out front, including a triple stroller! It was in good condition and selling for $50. I told my coworkers to go on ahead without me and I would join them in a few minutes. I went inside and reserved it until I could come back later with the car. Michelle was very excited: first the pool passes, then the stroller.

Timothy rolls over - I know it sounds silly but it's one of those standard benchmarks of childhood development. Timothy is rolling over on his own.

Timothy, the future lector - We went to Saturday evening Mass because I had to read. I brought Timothy up with me, as I used to do with the twins when they were smaller. He was a good baby, but a bit wiggly.

Taco Bell hell - On the drive home we went through the Taco Bell drive-thru since we have no Taco Bell's in Milford. I'm always wary of the Taco Bell because they benchmark the employee's drive-thru efficiency. Sure enough they missed a record three items. I was so peeved! I vowed to never buy again without going inside. It's amazing that they have a decent computer system to assure accuracy in taking your order and billing, but they have no system to make sure you got what you paid for!

Sunday - Sunday stunk for weather. It was gray and rainy throughout the day. Michelle ran out early to get some Dunkin Donuts as a breakfast treat. Later in the afternoon while the boys napped, Michelle took the girls out to look for books at Toadstool Books and moccasins at Haywards. The moccasins were way too expensive but the girls picked up several readers. Michelle picked up a copy of "The Art of Natural Family Planning" since we had given our last copy away a couple of years ago. Claire looked at it and said, "Oh! A book about art?! I like art!" We had a takeout dinner from Kelly's family restaurant down the street. After Timothy went down for the night I took the girls to try candlepin bowling. We all stunk but celebrated afterwards at the ice cream restaurant next door.

Baptism - Today was also Kyle James Tarpey's Baptism. I look forward to hearing all the details and seeing some pictures soon.