June 24, 2003

Teeth and eye visits

Posted by Scott at 09:05 PM

Girls visit dentist - This morning I took Claire and Abby to see their new dentist in Milford. I had my laptop ready in case I had a lot of waiting to do but there was so much paperwork to do that I just finished it when they called me into the exam review.

Eye appointment planned - After dropping them off back at the house I stopped by the local eye doctor to make an appointment for Friday. It's been an awfully long time since I last went -- about seven years. I was considering whether or not to bother getting contacts. The last time I had them was about 14 years ago in my senior year of college. A coworker recommended that I try the new CIBA Vision Night and Day contact lenses. They look like nice contacts for folks who want to avoid eye surgery. Meanwhile back in River Grove, Alyssa, Tom, and TJ also visited the eye doctor. Coincidence? Wait, there's more.

Kids go to the pool - Last Friday I bought a family pass to the Milford Keyes park pool. Michelle brought all five kids there this afternoon. Several mommies and lifeguards recognized her from last summer and were happy to see the new addition of Timothy. Claire saw four of her classmates there as well. Meanwhile back in River Grove, Alyssa also took her five kids swimming. Another coincidence?! Creepy!