June 25, 2003

Steve spins his magic

Posted by Scott at 09:35 AM

Steve Jobs spins again - I stayed up late last night to watch Steve Jobs, the top gun at Apple, do his magic as he tempts and teases with new and upcoming Apple releases in his keynote presentation at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. If you have the broadband to see it, I recommend it. No one makes you want to buy Apple like Steve. After I had a few hours to ponder it, I snapped out of it and realized that while most of what he said was cool, it wasn't as compelling as I initially thought it was. While the software updates were cool and addressed shortcomings in the product, the thing that will really re-instill investor confidence in Apple is their rollout of their newer processor line that they developed with IBM, nicknamed the G5. Speaking as a engineer who studied computer architecture, it's amazing! It will go a long way in helping Apple hardware "catch up" to offerings based on Intel and AMD.

Weblog changes - I also did some changes to the way the web page works.

  • I turned on individual entry archives. The monthly archives are still there for a while but soon I will change those into just being large calendars with links to the individual entries. In doing this I hope to make things a bit faster in downloading for dialup users.
  • The webpage now consists of the two most recent entries in full followed by a brief "readers digest" synopsis of the next five entries. If you want more detail on a synopsis entry, you can click on the titles of the short synopsis entry to read the individual entry in full.
  • The minicalendar at the upper right hand corner of the main page has "hover tips" on the days with entries -- that is, the bold days that are links. If you hover your cursor over that day, it shows you the title of the first (and usually the only) entry of that day.

I have a bit of difficulty with the birthday countdown and weather extractor because I have to rebuild those programs on the new web host's server. Since I am a humble user and not the owner/administrator, things are a little more complicated. It took a couple of days to build those when I was hosting from home. It'll take a day or so to re-establish it here again.


Hey Scott, if I want to post, do I still use that same website? Also, can you e me that website address so maybe I can post from work when I have time to spare?

Posted by: Suzy at June 26, 2003 02:15 PM