August 05, 2003

SNHRMC strikes again

Posted by Scott at 08:55 PM

Another test cancelled - Today Michelle again packed up the kids and dropped them off at a friend's house so that she could take Timothy for another test. The test scheduled for today was a CAT scan. As with the MRI scheduled last week, the EENT office forgot to schedule anesthesia for Timothy so the appointment was a wash. The ultimate frustration is that Michelle called last week to see if anesthesia needed to be scheduled for the CAT scan. The office said no. Michelle is getting pretty frustrated because it takes a fair amount of coordination to get Timothy to these things and they keep getting cancelled because of the incompetence of the EENT office scheduling these things. St. Joseph's hospital is starting to look better each week.

Apple Music Store review - Last night while the kids watched Piglets Big Movie I sat at the iMac using iTunes and trying the Music Store. While the store doesn't have everything yet, the available titles and albums are increasing. Searching and browsing was easy and very responsive. Once you find a track, a thirty second sample is a click away. If you decide to buy the track, it's another click and 99 cents away. Once you have a decent collection in iTunes, it's another simple matter to have iTunes burn a music CD. Compared to using peer-to-peer services to acquire (ahem) music files, this was simple, fast, and legal. I imagine I'll be doing more purchases in the months ahead.

Daredevil review - Once the kids went to bed Michelle and I stayed up to watch Daredevil on DVD. I enjoyed the film but not quite as much as some of the other comic book superhero movies of recent years (although I hear The Hulk stinks). The action sequences are pretty good and it's interesting to be able to visualize what the radar-like vision of DareDevil is like. The ending concludes with three back-to-back fight sequences against Elektra, Bullseye, and finally Kingpin. I must admit I find it hard to cast Ben Affleck as a superhero. Jennifer Garner was stunning! (example in ballroom dress and her superhero costume)

Misc. web linkage - Wired magazine writes about the same thing I wrote about the other day: "Millions Going Solo With Cells". NYT has scary stats about the monster pickup trucks in "Big and Fancy, More Pickups Displace Cars". In a collision these large truck exceed SUVs in their damage to the other vehicle. Cal Thomas is yet another writer who got a sneak preview of the upcoming movie Passion and gives it a thumbs up in "The greatest story ever filmed".