August 06, 2003

The way people find this site

Posted by Scott at 09:07 PM

Analyzing search engine referrers - I mentioned some time ago that it's interesting to skim the web server's activity logs and see what keywords someone punched into their search engine when they landed on some page of your website. I spent a couple of hours last night sketching out a script to analyze the logs when this morning I came across the Perl script, Relax, which takes my efforts and "kicks it up a notch". It's very configurable with respect to the way the results are presented. Here's a simple example analysis of search engine referrers from the past several days. There are some relevant words and some which make you realize how scary/sick some people are.

Timothy's appointment rescheduled - After neglecting to schedule anesthesia for Timothy's MRI and CAT scan these past couple of weeks, Michelle got a call from the doctor. They are going to try to arrange a followup appointment where one trip will do both the MRI and the CAT scan with a single anesthesia scheduled a priori. That could go a long way towards making amends for messing up twice in a row.

Super Mario Advance 2 - On my way home running errands, I stopped by K B Toys and picked up Super Mario Advance 2 for Gameboy Advance. With all the rain we've been having and will have this week, I thought an extra game may help alleviate all the homeboundness.

Vacation to mow - We've had so much rainy weather this past week with more planned for the next several days, when we saw sunlight this morning I said "carpe diem!". Time to mow! The lawn had gotten so high and uneven this looked like my only chance before it got even worse. Of course, when I try to take advantage of what seemed like a narrow window of opportunity, it didn't rain for the afternoon and into the evening. I could have done this after work this evening without taking any time off.

Misc linkage and news - The movie of Cheaper by the Dozen, which is scheduled to come out this Christmas, now has a QuickTime movie trailer at Apple's site. If you have the QuickTime viewer and the bandwidth (or the patience) watch the Cheaper by the Dozen trailer. It looks like it's "loosely based" on the original story, but funny nonetheless. I love how the trailer opens with the impression that this is a scary movie. I also heard the our family's favorite GameCube game, Mario Party 4, is going to have a sequel: Mario Party 5. Cool! We've not had as much luck with GameCube games (compared to the GameBoy games) because they are much too involved for my wife and kids. They don't have the time and patience to get started on some of these GameCube games. We are also thinking the upcoming releases of MarioGolf and MarioKart for GameCube hold some potential.


I bought Mario Golf last Wednesday, it is pretty fun. My fiend dan and I played it for a few hours yesterday.

Posted by: Chris at August 6, 2003 10:20 PM

Oh my gosh, Scott! Looking at that 'relax' thing was totally creepy!

Posted by: Suzy at August 7, 2003 09:43 AM

Glad to get some positive feedback on Mario Golf. Michelle told me to pick it up on my way home this afternoon. We currently have Luigi's Mansion checked out from BlockBuster but are not having much luck with it. I think the downside to renting games is that you miss out on the manual/user's guide that comes with a _purchased_ game -- with it's overview, hints, etc.

Regarding Suzy's point, I don't know which was scarier: 1) seeing what search words resulted in a hit to or 2) the initial realization I had that your search's keywords could be tracked by the destination site (besides the tracking at the search engine). I'm going to play with that script a little more and then schedule it to run once a day so that I can see what words end up pinging this site.

Posted by: Scott at August 7, 2003 02:46 PM

By the way, Suzy, how was your trip to Wisconsin to attend the wedding?

Posted by: Scott at August 7, 2003 02:48 PM