August 07, 2003

Governor Arnold?

Posted by Scott at 10:59 PM

Future governor of California?Future Governor of California - Could this be the next governor of California? I don't know, but California could do a lot worse. It could elect Larry Flynt! Would state executive level politics be a step up from peddling smut? It's going to be a fun next several months. I actually heard the news this morning but knew that my TiVo had recorded the Tonight Show so all day today I was looking forward to see the Wednesday night show. Once the kids got down to bed, we queued it up and enjoyed the entire episode. I wanted to see more than the 20 second sound bites displayed on the morning news shows. Arnold did quite well and came across warm, but sincere about the job.

Princess Peach in her golf outfitMario Golf - 2 Thumbs Up - It's fun for the whole family! After a recommendation from Chris, some reviews on the web, and looking over the description of the gameplay, we decided to pick up Mario Golf for Nintendo GameCube. (I also highly recommend the website) KB Toys was out of stock so I settled for picking it up at WalMart on the way home from work. Sure enough, the kids liked this one. We parents and the girls played for a couple of hours tonight. It took a while to explain to the girls how to control their swing and that the object of golf is not, repeat not to have a high score. I loved the personalities in the game and the special effects when you hit the ball just right. Currently we're just playing vanilla, no special tricks or worlds. We're just getting the hang of controlling where the ball goes. At last -- another multiplayer game the four of us can all enjoy together that isn't a hand to hand combat style game.

Timothy is 'Off the Charts!' - Timothy had a regular six month checkup today. He is 22 pounds, 4 ounces. That is huge for a six month old male! Have you ever seen the episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond" where Raymond finds out Debra is expecting twin boys? He struts around like he's quite "the Man" due to his procreative abilities. I almost had a bit of that bravado this evening: first, our twins and now this. Timothy -- he's solid baby! Look out! Seriously though, Timothy is a very happy baby -- always full of smiles and laughs. He did have to receive three shots today. We'll see if he's still a smiley baby tomorrow.


I want to say "Timothy is the cutest baby in the world!" but that would be mean of me. But I must say, he brightens my day just by looking at him.
Today is a slow day, so I'll post something :)

Posted by: Suzy at August 8, 2003 09:40 AM

I think that's one of Arnold's strength. He actually is very bright as evidenced by his entrepreneurial successes and shrewd business moves. However, he comes across as very much a man of the people- he speaks genuinely and he's not steeped in ideology. He could very well be our next Governor of California.

Posted by: Arnold for Governor at August 24, 2003 04:45 PM

What's creepy about the above comment is "how did this guy/gal find me?" In scanning the web logs, the only time his/her IP address shows up is in reference to this page. He had no referring address (ie another webpage or a search engine that pointed here). And there were no other hits for this web page in the past week until now.

I think the big thing for Arnold will be whether people really know where he stands on issues -- concretely. For the first several days all he could dwell on was Gov. Davis' failure. It was stating the obvious, beating a dead horse, pick your favorite cliche. Lately he's been portrayed as socially liberal despite his fiscal conservatism. To me those two can be at odds when you try to fund the programs that social liberals advocate.

But thanks for butting in "". I'm glad you're getting involved in his campaign to the extent that you've set up an independent advocacy web site.

Posted by: Scott at August 24, 2003 10:58 PM