August 19, 2003

I'm a Gradual Student!

Posted by Scott at 02:20 PM

Friday we had an orientation with the faculty. They lectured us telling us we are 'professionals' now and threatening us not to mess up because we represent the university. That was a bit of a shock to hear. I was expecting a kind welcome, which they later did add in.

On Sunday we had a picnic with all of the Clinical students. That was the fun part. I met the 9 other girls I will be in classes with for the next two years. All of them were very similar to me in interests and backgrounds. We sarcastically joked about how we are 'gradute students' now and we are 'a select few chosen among many applicants'. We liked the way it sounded.

Moday morning classes began. I have Ethical and Legal Issues in Clinical-Counseling Psychology first, followed by Theories of Personality. On Tuesday and Thursday I have Advanced Psychopathology followed by Substance Abuse Counseling. I have attached most of the syllibi here this way you can get an idea of what my coursework is like. The homework load is about what I expected. It only seems the amount of reading and comprehending will be the most exhaustive.

It is finally setting in and I am becoming more comfortable with it. It's just an adjustment. I admit, I am scared and I do miss my friends and family very much. I know I will be very busy and that's okay with me. For example, this is the first year I went to study at the library on the very first day of school! I have to remember to take it one day at a time. I keep thinking about if I want to continue for a PhD or not. This is nothing I need to be thinking about now. I am a little sad, but at the same time very excited and proud.

Congrats, again, to Chris and Katie! I know Scott and I would have loved to have been there to celebrate with you. And Chris, good luck to you in starting grad school, too!


Glad to hear about the beginning of school- I was thinking about you yesterday, Suzy!
Tom was off and we took the kids downtown to Buckingham Fountain and to lunch at Ed Debevic's. It was a great day- we wanted to do something with the kids because they start school soon too. I'm glad I don't have to go back to school- I have no desire to teach yet or to be a grad student. I give you lots of credit! I am, however, really looking forward to the kids going back!
William had his 1st dental exam today- he has 1 cavitiy! He'll have it fixed on Sept. 4, the same day Cassidy has her chipped tooth filed. It's amazing what a little fall can do to a smile! TJ went to the doctor for more x-rays on his wrist today- he's doing fine and goes back in 3 weeks. I heard Timothy doesn't go for his tests until 9/10- what a pain that's been.
TJ & Cass are going to stay overnite at Mom's tonite- they haven't stayed there all summer. It will be weird with just the little 3 here.
Gotta go make dinner! Oh, Scott, I'm glad you appreciate all Michelle does. That's important!
Love you all! Alyssa

Posted by: alyssa at August 19, 2003 05:50 PM