August 20, 2003

Bad pun; creepy big brother

Posted by Scott at 11:00 PM

Oh give me a break! - For news I tend to listen to a bit of NPR and a bit of FoxNews (among other sources). The two tend to balance each other out. Ironically neither side thinks it suffers from bias.

This morning as I was getting ready for work I had a few moments to catch FoxNews. Just before commercial break they had a teaser promo for a story that they would cover later about a company that may challenge Pfizer on it's flagship product: Viagra. The promo said something like, "look out Pfizer! A new drug promises to give Viagra some stiff competition!". Gack! What an aweful pun!

Watching Big Brother Watching Me - This past month I've continued to be fascinated by the search terms that land on pages on this website. I've been surprised at how often Google is indexing my main page. I found that someone had done a search by punching in my name in double quotes (for an exact match). I did a reverse lookup to see what domain made the request. It came from They looked over the front page, the most recent photo album, and the entry about "Michelle the quick change artist". They never hit any pages after that. They were in and out in two minutes around 12:15PM yesterday. Perhaps they were looking to confirm the number of residents in the household? *grin*

Swimming and hiking planned - I'm taking tomorrow off. It's supposed to be fairly hot and humid. Michelle and I would like to take the kids to the Greenfield State Park before summer is over and Claire is back in school. Will, Russell, and I are also planning on taking Claire and Abby on a short hike up Pitcher Mountain. We figured that since this is their first hike, keep it short and simple.


Scott, that is so creepy! I wonder if anyone has ever down that for me??

Posted by: Suzy at August 21, 2003 01:32 PM

Pitcher Mountain & Greenfield State Park look real interesting. Maybe we can take a ride there the next time Mom and I come to visit.

Mom and I went to the Dzwonkowski Family Reunion in Junction City, Wi last Saturday. We drove up there - it's about a four and a half hour trip - and arrived shortly after 11:00AM. It was great seeing everone again especially my cousin Jim from Indianapolis, my cousin Patsy and her husband Bill from Seymour, Conn, my cousin Ted and his wife Jan from International Falls, my cousin Ed and his wife Sheryl from Mosinee, my cousin Bill and his wife Terry from Sheboygan, my cousin Dorothy and her husband Paul from Barrington and on and on .... My cousin Jim informed me that Junction City now has a micro-brewery and that the local beer is called "Mudpuppy"! I've just got to get back and try some!

I was at Grandpa Bilik's house yesterday and he was showing me all of the framed pictures he has of all of his Great-grandchildren. The pictures all looked great but he could use some more up-dated photos of the kids. If you could send him some recent photos in the 4x6 portrait mode, I'm sure he would appreciate it.

Speaking of photos, thanks for sending all of the Family photos. They really turned out great!

Have to go now - have a fantastic day!

Posted by: Dad at August 22, 2003 07:24 AM