October 04, 2005

101A changes

Posted by Scott at 09:35 AM

I was driving into work this morning on the usual 101A route. These past few days I'd been taking the back road route — aka the “north” Milford bypass — because with autumn approaching, it's just much more scenic and relaxing before a day of debugging.

On my way in I noticed that the Merrimack Premiere 8 movie theater is now closed. That must have just happened in the past few days. While not exactly a noteworthy theater, it was the one we most often took the kids to because it was the closest. I suspect it lost too much income after a bigger, stadium seating theater (the Merrimack Cinemagic) opened in northern Merrimack. Unfortunately for us, that one is another fifteen minutes away. Perhaps we'll have to just lean on the Wilton Town Hall Theatre more often. It's just minutes away.

I also noticed that in one of 101A's "Strip Mall of America" slots, a new snack shop is opening, but I didn't catch the name. "GoodTime Snacks"? [Update: Nope, it's Goodtime Smokes. Bleah!]

Lastly, Gate City Collisions, which always likes to use their billboard for humorous sayings, put up the following:

“Love is grand, divorce is a hundred grand”

Ba-dum-bum! Thank you, thank you. I'm here all week. Try the veal.


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Posted by: Ernest Liu at October 6, 2005 09:47 AM

I was listening to a podcast of Rush Limbaugh this morning and heard a funny followup to the "Love is Grand" joke above. He had been discussing the case in the Netherlands about the man who just entered a legal civil union with *two* women. (Yes, at the same time). A caller had joked that some men are such pain in the butts that it takes two women to make them happy. He countered with the following priceless zinger:

"It takes six men to carry a man to his grave, but ONLY ONE woman to put him there!"

Ouch! Somehow I pictured it as being in the litany of dad's classic male chauvanist pig jokes.

Posted by: Scott at October 6, 2005 03:43 PM