October 06, 2005

More piano music

Posted by Scott at 10:37 PM

Piano Recordings - It's getting on the late side so I'll be brief. I was doing more software installations and configurations on the laptop for audio capture. I captured six of Claire's most recent numbers that she is working on. Once again, these aren't her performing the songs. It's what she aspires to sound like. The recordings are meant to give you an idea of what she's working on.

Odds & Ends - A few other miscellaneous tidbits:

  • The girls have a four day weekend ahead of them.
  • Michelle and I plan to have a date night Friday.
  • This weekend is the Milford Pumpkin Festival.
  • We think Timothy shoved a penny in the iMac's CD slot.
  • Claire wrote a story today but I haven't had time to type it in.
  • Weather is great and the trees are changing!

As I said, my eyes are heavy so I'll leave it at that.


We tried to load a couple of CD's into the iMac this morning but they wouldn't take. I unplugged it and tried to gently shake it to see if we could hear anything rattling, but no luck. Considering how flakey that drive was getting anyway, we're thinking that perhaps we'll just buy a cheap *removable* external Firewire CD or DVD drive. When the kids are done with their games for the day, unplug it and store it out of harm's way.

Posted by: Scott at October 7, 2005 09:02 AM