October 08, 2005

W & G @ WTH

Posted by Scott at 07:29 AM

Because of the remnants of Tropical Storm Tammy, it's going to be quite a rainy weekend (and cooler). Luckily, Wilton Town Hall Theatre is showing the new Wallace and Grommit movie: "Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were' Rabbit". There'll be a 2PM matinee on Sunday. Adults $5, Children $3. I plan on filling up the van.

Wallace and Grommit

Now if only they would show Serenity soon.

Last night Michelle and I watched Equilibrium on DVD. Picture it as a mix between The Matrix and Brave New World. I think Tom and TJ would like it. I'd write more but I have to get up. Today is going to be a "clean house" day, or at least morning.


I took Claire and Abby, along with Shauna, Nicholas, and Megan to see it. Because of the clouds and rain, lots of families brought their kids to see it.

Overall, great family entertainment. Funny for young and old. Plenty of action (even if animated). Little to worry about young children seeing. Personally I loved trying to catch the subtle background jokes laced in between the obvious ones.

It got a B+ rating at DecentFilms.com:

At the beginning they showed a Dreamworks short film featuring the penguins from Madagascar. It was a great way to prime the audience with laughter before the movie started.

Judging by the couple of previews they showed, it looks as though Wilton Town Hall will be featuring the upcoming Harry Potter movie and the King Kong movie in the next couple of months. With the recent close of the Merrimack Premiere 8 theater, it's nice to know that some good stuff will be featured at this little theater around the corner from us.

Posted by: Scott at October 10, 2005 06:20 AM