May 12, 2006

12 on 12

Posted by Scott at 08:42 PM

Click to see the albumPhotos - There's a fun little meme that's been going round the internet these past several months called 12 on 12. On the 12th of the month you take 12 pictures of your day. They don't have to be particularly award winning. They're just intended to capture a "slice of life". Unfortunately for me, today is a work day and a pretty overcast rainy one at that. So here are my 12 on 12, with a several extras thrown in for good measure.

Highlights from the album include showing an old New England covered bridge I pass through every day, a road in Groton full of sudden short hills, the blossoming apple trees in a typical Hollis orchard, and Xbox'y paraphernalia around the office. As you can see in the pictures, today was an ATI donut day… because engineers need the extra calories, dontcha know! For extra measure I went out to lunch with five coworkers.

Narnia - I finished listening to The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe on the way home tonight. It was neat comparing 'the real thing' to what was presented in the movie. I was particularly moved by the narration of the death of Aslan. While I'm enjoying the series, Audible's recording levels were set rather low. Since I use an iPod FM transmitter in the car, turning up the volume to hear the speaker also amplifies the radio hiss. As I drive closer to Boston, it gets worse as the competition of radio stations increases. There aren't a lot of 'dead spots' in the FM spectrum around Boston (a bit like Chicago…). I'm seriously looking into a way to hook my iPod directly into the stereo. In the meantime, perhaps I'll burn a few CD's with the Narnia stories on them.


I really enjoyed your 12 of 12! At least you have a somewhat interesting drive to work, not just long.

Posted by: alyssa at May 15, 2006 11:55 AM

Hi Lyss,

Yep, it's an interesting drive. The last 16 miles are pretty boring... just route 495 from Littleton to Marlboro but at that point you're moving along at a good clip. The first thirty miles have minimal stopping and average around 40-45 miles an hour through scenic New England towns and back roads.

Today, though, I had two traffic backups. Probably due to the rain... the never ending rain! Meanwhile Michelle is stuck home with all the children because school was cancelled today due to the flooding in the area. Pray that Michelle stays sane 'cause you just *know* there's going to be extra children over at the house as well! It always happens on snow days, so it'll likely be true today as well...

Posted by: Scott at May 15, 2006 01:10 PM