May 15, 2006


Posted by Scott at 09:46 PM

Remember when the river was low???As you may have heard, we've had dangerous levels of rain across the state. So far, Milford is fairing well, but I've included a bit of video to show how things look. Since most of the clips are ~1.7-2.0 megabytes, broadband internet (or a lot of patience) is recommended.

These videos show images from this morning around 7am just before I head for the office. Things looked higher early yesterday evening when we were returning home from an afternoon of swimming with the kids at the Merrimack YMCA pool followed by dinner at Bentleys Roast Beef. New Hampshire's largest television network, WMUR, has let viewers submit photos. A dam has broken in the town of Webster and the town could lose its lake. Milford's schools were closed today, as was the case in many neighboring towns. WMUR is carrying several flood related stories.

Aside from two traffic jams in Massachusetts today, I was lucky that my commute route wasn't blocked. There was one point on route 119 just before 495 when the floodplain's water levels came quite close to going over the street but not quite. Who knows whether it'll stay contained the rest of this week.