May 29, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend

Posted by Scott at 07:43 AM

Ahh… a three day weekend. I need to take more of these this summer.

Saturday - We all went to the YMCA in the morning. I went to a step class while Michelle took the kids to the pool. Lest you think she had to watch them all by herself, she planned in advance to meet another mom there with her kids. Compared to the fear he had last summer, Timothy is really getting the hang of being in the water now. This summer I think we'll be spending a lot of time at the Milford pool. Perhaps we can graduate out of the 18 inches deep kiddie pool? On the way back home we stopped at Payless and bought the children countless pairs of waterwalkers and sandals for the summer.

Alas Michelle and I spent a lot of that afternoon just doing yard work — mowing, trimming, etc. It had been about a week and a half since the last trim so things were pretty high. Blowing so much of an afternoon on the lawn made me glad for the three day weekend. We wrapped things up by taking the boys to Sal's pizza for dinner. It always seems to irk the girls when we go out while they play at friends' houses. As if we should just sit around at the house while they have fun!

Sunday - We started off Sunday in usual fashion: early Mass followed by donuts. After getting back home we decided to try a little day trippin'. We piled everyone in the van and took the route I usually go to work in the morning. I showed Michelle and the kids around the building and my office. After having a quick snack in the office's kitchen, we took them to a local McD's in Marlboro. We would have liked to go somewhere nicer, but the boys' temperament wasn't up to it at that point. We then drove up to historic Concord, MA to a park and a little toy store on their Main street district. After stopping in a Dunkin' Donuts for some drinks, we took a different back road way back home.

TiVo - One thing we discovered this weekend are the puzzle games TiVo has snuck into their recent software updates. Our favorites were WordSmith and SameGame. There's a Java version of SameGame at the author's site, although it looks much better on the TiVo with better graphics and animation. Abby and Claire really like puzzle games. I need to find more to keep them entertained next winter.

If this entry seems rather dry, it also explains why I haven't written in a week. Things have been pretty much on autopilot with little noteworthy. Once mom and Suzanne left, things returned to 'business as usual'.